Women’s PPE is Real

Women’s PPE is an actual thing! Here are 5 Facts you need to know.With more women in the workplace performing jobs that require personal protective equipment (PPE), a line of PPE designed specifically for women is long overdue.

1. Women Are at Risk: When women do not have access to the proper personal protection equipment (PPE) they are likely to forgo it altogether. Clothing that fits improperly may catch on something, impair movement or leave areas of skin exposed to hazards [which can] significantly endanger the wearer. Without properly fitting options, workers may also be less inclined to wear protective garments and be out of compliance with safety standards. Currently, 83% of women report their designated PPE greatly hinders their work. Women are valuable assets to the workforce, and we cannot ignore them and their needs. You must work to ensure that all of your employees, regardless of their gender, know they will be safe in their workplace.”

2. It’s Inclusive: Not having PPE that fits female bodies sends a message to your current and prospective female employees that you and/or your company does not feel the need to protect women with the same vigour you protect men. Having any percentage of your workforce feeling isolated because of their sex is dangerous for your company as it may create a divide between the workers which could lead to women leaving the company, the loss of production and/or preventable injuries.

3. One Size Does Not Fit All: Women are built differently from men, making men’s PPE inherently unable to correctly fit a woman. Take gloves, for example, women typically have smaller, thinner hands than men, making gloves designed specifically for a man’s hands unable to properly fit a woman. Often, when women wear men’s gloves, the gloves bunch at the fingertips, which is not only a safety hazard but also can greatly hinder production. Additionally, sleeves that are too long become “snag hazards” which can endanger employees by getting caught in equipment. As a result, cuffs originally meant to protect the user from hazardous chemicals may end up collecting those chemicals if they are too loose for the person wearing the gear.

4. It Makes Workers More Comfortable: Your company is only as strong as your workers on a bad day and if your workers regularly feel physically uncomfortable while doing their jobs there is a chance their discomfort is hindering their job performance. Providing all your workers—especially the women—with properly-fitted PPE will not only make those employees feel wanted and comfortable in their workspace, but it would also increase their productivity and morale.

5. Women Sizes Are Available: Star Safety, seeing the need for more range in their protective gear various has many options for employers to browse through for their female employees. We have also compiled a product guide specifically designed with women in mind. If you and your company have trouble finding the appropriate PPE for women look no further just drop us a message.

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