Workers wearing Hi Viz clothing are identified 3 seconds faster than those who do not wear Hi Viz Clothing.  

Unlike the majority of other safety apparel, high visibility gear is intended to deter danger rather than defend against it. High visibility apparel is necessary for personnel to be extremely visible, virtually acting as beacons. As a result, there are fewer workplace accidents and injuries because operators are much more aware of neighboring workers.

Common High visibility clothing includes Reflective Vests, Reflective Work Suits/ clothing, Sun Brims for Hard Hats

Who Should Wear Reflective Clothing?

  • Working in poor lighting conditions
  • Working in bad weather conditions where visibility is low
  • Working in environments where there is a lot of moving machinery

However like all clothing, High vis apparel does not last forever.

Worn outdoors it gradually declines in effectiveness due to UV damage from direct sunlight exposure.

General deterioration accelerated by Washing the clothing to remove dirt.

How Often Should You Replace Reflective Clothing? 

High-visibility apparel should typically last around six months with consistent use. Of course, if the apparel isn’t used regularly, it might endure a lot longer. On the other hand, those who work in harsh environments or in extremely hot conditions may

 discover that their clothing doesn’t even last six months. Therefore, the easiest approach to know when to change your high visibility clothing is through daily inspection.

Have it replaced when it is :

  • Faded
  • Torn
  • Soiled / Stained
  • Excessively worn
  • Not visible from a 300m distance

Using high visibility equipment past its expiration date could be very expensive. If you have any questions about your high visibility equipment’s efficacy, don’t wear it and carry out your task nevertheless. Have it replaced by speaking to your safety supervisor!!

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