REBEL S3 Apex Non-Metallic Boot

The NEW REBEL Apex Boot is a high-performance S3 safety boot designed to provide unbeatable protection and comfort in almost any work environment. With its non-metallic heat-resistant construction, these boots offer exceptional safety without sacrificing style or functionality. In a sleek black colour, the Apex Boot is a unisex design available in sizes 3 to 13 (UK), offering a comfortable fit for all workers and a variety of foot sizes.

The upper is made of durable nubuck action leather with a Cordura overlay, offering excellent resistance to wear and tear. The 200J composite non-metallic toe cap ensures maximum protection without the added weight of a traditional steel toe. An important feature of this boot is its Wellmax non-metallic anti-penetration board which provides maximum protection. The polyurethane(PU) midsole and rubber outsole make this boot heat resistant up to an impressive 300 °C and has a SRC classification for slip resistance.

These boots are suitable for a wide range of applications and work environments including refineries, engineering, mining, chemical and petrochemical, and welders/foundries. They are ISO 20345 and NRCS approved.